MySQL WorkbenchがCrashしまくる件


職場、自宅、モバイル共にいずれも12.04への置き換えを完了したのだけど12.04になってからUbuntuのリポジトリから入れたMySQL Workbenchがクローズ時にCrashしまくって大変に困っている。

MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu 12.04 doesn’t starts after latest (Jun12) updates – Ask Ubuntu

MySQL workbench was working fine till today. I installed the regular updates and now its just doesnt starts. When started its just shows the ‘opening screen’ and nothing happens.

Canonical and God knows what went wrong. But here is a fix:
For 64 bit systems:
For 32 bit systems:
Once downloaded, double click to install.
Now Download the latest version of My SQL workbench, Its for 11.10 but will work on 12.04. Make sure you download the version (32bit or 64 bit) suitable to you:
Once downloaded, double click on it to install.